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Sustainability Sensory Campaign

Transitioning to a more sustainable society is a radical and ongoing process that needs knowledge, capital, and creative solutions. ABN Amro Corporate & Institutional Banking assists customers in realizing their sustainability transition by mobilizing money, offering sustainability advice, and making a positive effect. Accelerating the sustainable transformation necessitates partnerships and collaboration across all stakeholders. ABN Amro is involved in several multi-stakeholder projects and collaborations to influence the industry positively. With this campaign, ABN Amro’s vision of a sustainable future and its journey is seen, heard, smelled, and felt through all five senses. A truly immersive experience that demonstrates the road to a sustainable future.

The sound of sustainability

What does sustainability sound like? And can we capture such a modular and accelerating process in sound while still maintaining on-brand? Our design process began by researching the brand identity and its previous use of sound, music, and voice in sustainable campaigns. We defined the most essential meaningful elements based on the type of sounds, music, voice, mood, and feel they portrayed. Together with the team, we made relevant connections between the common features and values of the sustainability sensory campaign.

Modular & Immersive

The soundscape had many requirements to match the immersive visual experience and the interactivity of smell and touch that people could experience. We decided to split the soundscape into multiple formats that could be used in layers to provide an ultimate immersive and interactive experience. This gave us more flexibility and a modular way to improve interactions. We used a combination of ambisonics and binaural to create an accelerating and immersive sonic experience to match the visual story and spatial effect when people turned their heads. On top of that, we used multiple mono and object-based sounds to trigger touch and smell activations.

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Spatial Audio, Audio Design, UX Research, UX Design