KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

What does it take to design the voice of KLM? The number 5 biggest airline in the world. Creating the KLM Voice Brand.


Sonic branding and UX sound design for a company that serves the needs of 24 million people across four continents.

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What we can do for you

By conducting insightful research, intelligent product strategy, and exceptional design, we help you leverage the power of voice & sound.

Our AI services offer tailored consultancy, implementation, Voice AI solutions, data production, rigorous testing, and development optimization to drive results and enhance user experiences.


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We specialize in voice branding, offering consultancy, character design, tone refinement, data-driven insights, speaking style tailoring, speech data production, perceptual research, voice contracting, accessibility design, conversational design, and generative voice design services for impactful communication.


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We specialize in design systems tailored for voice and sound. Our services cover development, customization, strategy, audits, documentation, maintenance, and product rebuilds. We work closely with clients to create reusable components, provide strategic guidance, and ensure ongoing support.


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Our sound services include UX/UI Sound Design, Sonic Branding, Spatial Audio, and Interactive Experiences, enhancing functionality, convenience, user engagement and brand awareness. The right sounds at the perfect moment can drastically enhance the user experience.


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Our content services include podcast production, editing, music production, generative AI content creation, and audio ad campaigns for effective audience engagement and brand impact.


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Our R&D services often focus on advancing voice and sound technologies, offering tailored solutions such as on-premises text-to-speech, ASR optimization, and sound enhancement. We also excel in creating intuitive voice user interfaces, rapid prototyping, technology research, and market analysis. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, we help businesses navigate the evolving landscape of voice and sound technologies to drive success and stay ahead of the competition.


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Our acoustics and engineering services encompass tailored solutions for building recording studios, sound installations, acoustic treatment, noise reduction, and precise sound capture installations.


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