Leverage the power of audio.

Design Better Products & Services and Capitalize on Branding Efforts.


Voices are a direct representation of a brand. Manage your brand’s identity through voice and the act of speaking itself.

Voice Brand Design system

Create a strategy and define on-brand voice profiles and speaking styles to ensure consistency and authenticity.


Research voice profiles using acoustic analysis, learn about user needs, voice perception, and evaluate custom text-to-speech models.

Custom AI Voice

Create a custom text-to-speech voice. A synthetic brand voice to scale, automate services, and make products more inclusive.

Conversational Design

Create interfaces that leverage human conversation to simplify usability and enhance user convenience.

Speech Data Production

Produce high-quality speech data to create synthetic voices and optimize human-computer interactions.


We are often engaged as consultants to educate and share our experiences. Let’s identify opportunities, brainstorm or do a design sprint together.

Sonic Branding

Create a unique sonic ecosystem around your brand to signal authenticity and style always.

Product Sonification

Use sound to convey information, reinforce branding, add emotional appeal, and make products more intuitive and easier to use.


Managing your brand’s identity through sound requires an effective strategy. Audio guidelines and principles to empower the overall brand strategy.

Design Systems

Design a set of audio assets and tools to manage design at scale, leveraging reusable components and recognizable themes.

UX Design

Integrate sounds into your product to convey information enhancing functionality. Simplify and optimize usability.


We offer high-quality audio production services – a reasonably large umbrella term for a wide range of audio tasks.

Music Licensing

We’ve licensed music from more than 150 music labels and independent artists. Get the rights to use a piece of copyrighted music.

Sonic Branding​

Leverage the power of sound to enhance recall and raise brand awareness. Build trust and create preference.

Immersive Audio

Natural “life-like” three-dimensional sound experiences. Get ready to experience what’s next in audio.

Game Audio

The production and configuration of sound effects and music for any kind of game or interactive media.

Binaural & Ambisonics

Binaural and ambisonic audio recordings. The production of unique sound effects and ultra-immersive environments.

Surround sound

Mixing and producing audio for systems of stereo phony involving three or more speakers surrounding the listener.

Spatial Sound

3D audio production for interactive and immersive experiences. Think about sound production for VR, AR or XR experiences etc.


We help you cast a voice talent and produce the perfect voice-over for your movie, documentary, commercial, etc.


We post-produce audio materials and mix everything into a coherent whole. This includes composition and format design.


 We process and manipulate audio, altering the length, timing, speed, and volume so that it fits perfectly.

Content production

The production of audio content: Any type of material or information that is consumed through listening.

Audio Production

Traditional audio production services. From voice-over production to custom music production and format design.


Full-service podcast production. We make creating high-quality podcasts easy for creators, businesses, and publishers.

Format Design

We help you organize your show’s content. Together we’ll find the best delivery method, giving your podcast structure.


We help you to distribute your podcast to every major streaming platform. We can also help with copywriting and designing artwork.


Recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. We guarantee high-quality audio and offer optimal creative flexibility.


Get Started With Ads on Spotify. Podcast advertising allows you to speak directly to potential customers through a Spotify audio ad.


We work together to develop ideas on how audio can be used to generate creative solutions quickly and efficiently.


We give workshops designed to help your team learn about and improve their skills related to audio & voice.


Explore how audio can benefit the business. Contact us to discuss how we can teach your team and integrate learnings into your business.

Design Sprints

Design sprints are an excellent option when you need to move quickly and iterate efficiently on your voice and audio-related designs.


Learn how to work with audio, sound, and voice through our workshops and courses, or explore opportunities and possibilities through scrum trajectories and design sprints.

Contact us for any sprint, workshop, or other educational requests.