Not a traditional Agency... Not boring

We’re the go-to audio & voice design studio based in the center of Amsterdam. From strategy to implementation, we’re here to help make your brand heard.

We use audio & voice to help brands and organizations capitalize on branding efforts and design better products. With new emerging technologies and media, we are the agency that can elevate innovation and push branding standards to the next level.

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what makes us different

the codes we live by

creativity & Innovation

For the ideation and synthesis of innovative solutions, creativity is essential. Creativity is the magical human act of doing something that may or may not work. We believe in the power of creative input and converting it into practical, result-driven, and delivery-orientated design that meets the needs of people.

Inclusive Design

We think it’s important to create things designed to be usable for as many people as possible, particularly groups often excluded. It doesn’t mean our goal is always to serve as many people as possible. But we always try our best to make things accessible and usable for as many people as possible.

User centric

We believe in a user-centered design approach. An iterative design process in which we focus on the users and their needs in each phase. We always extensively ask for feedback and research the functional and emotional needs of users to create better products and services.


Research gives us the knowledge to develop an understanding of the situation. It’s our fuel for our recommendations, strategies, and design approaches in a process. No stones unturned. No meaningless actions. Always an underlying logic based on which we can make meaningful decisions and contribute effectively to design systems.


Transparency is pleasant and healthy in a team. It fosters trust and open communication. We believe in this concept because transparency empowers team members to deliver better work. We all work towards the same goals, so secrecy is not needed. We’ll not give you the results one day out of the blue. The process shall be crystal clear.


We work methodologically and systematically on solutions that complement the overall brand strategy and meet people’s needs. Our methodologies leverage the power of data-driven and knowledgeable design to create and optimize products and services.

Our Founders' Story

a focus on innovation

Whoozy was founded in 2015 by Phoebe Ohayon and Maikel van der Wouden. The idea for the company originated in a studio in London. Both founders were working for traditional agencies in traditional audio studies. They quickly realized that conventional audio studios are not focused on design work, content creation, and branding. Almost all audio studios are originally not founded to do this work. It’s not their core business and expertise.

Because of this, traditional audio studios add limited value to companies. No research and user testing are done, no meaningful decisions are made, and no strategies and systems are created that clients can leverage for years to come. Only production work is done.

This is often not enough. It’s time to fill this gap. Whoozy brings audio and voice expertise to the table and actively collaborates with internal teams to design better products and services that meet the needs of people. We empower businesses to leverage the power of audio and voice. We educate teams about audio and voice. We collaborate closely with internal designers and share our data-driven methodologies, research techniques, and creative approaches to get the best results.

As mentioned above, we’re not a traditional agency. Working with Whoozy means bringing in our audio and voice experts to work with your in-house team. We operate worldwide and believe in ensuring the best people for the job are on the right projects.