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Design & production studio that makes brands thrive by audio, sound, and speech.
Based in Amsterdam, operating globally.

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A company of independent experts that provide specialized end-to-end services. We excel at converting creative energy into practical, result-driven, and delivery-orientated design that meets the needs of people.

Voice Branding

Design a Voice Brand: A system to manage your brand’s identity through voice and the act of speaking itself. How does the brand persona sound and talk when interacting with customers?

Synthetic Voices

Create a custom text-to-speech voice. A system that enables you to turn text into speech in real-time. Automate and personalize content, products, and services.​

Spatial Sound

Immersive 3D audio production for Web3, VR, AR, and XR experiences. Get ready to experience what’s next in audio.

Sonic Branding

Create a sonic identity and signal consistency, recognizability, and authenticity at every touch point. Leverage the power of sound with unique tools and assets for teams and external agencies.

Product Sonification

Optimize the functionality of your products and services and make them easier to use and more inclusive through product sonification. The right sound at the right moment can drastically enhance a user experience.

Scrum Sprints

We give workshops and design sprints to ideate and experiment. We emphasize on teamwork and iterative progress toward well-defined goals.


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