As a specialized design and branding agency, Whoozy focuses on harnessing the power of voice and sound (AI) to amplify, innovate, automate, and elevate your brand & products. Our services span consultancy, voice branding, voice AI, data production, sound design, sonic branding, research and development, studio design, and more. We help companies manage all aspects related to voice & sound.

What sets Whoozy apart is our specialization in voice, sound, and AI technologies in this field, combined with a comprehensive data-driven approach to design and branding. Our unique blend of technical expertise, creative talent, and strategic focus enables us to offer tailored solutions that not only align with your business objectives but also push the boundaries of innovation in voice and sound design. Our commitment to data-driven insights, quality, and client collaboration ensures we deliver exceptional results.

Whoozy offers comprehensive branding services with a focus on voice and sound. We help you define and refine your brand’s voice strategy, develop unique voice characters, and create immersive sound assets that reflect your brand’s identity and values. While our expertise is centered on the auditory aspects of branding, our strategic consultancy services ensure that your voice and sound branding align seamlessly with your overall brand strategy.

Whoozy offers three engagement models: time and materials (T&M), fixed fee, and retainer. The choice between these depends on your project’s nature, goals, and duration. T&M contracts are often used when the scope of work is likely to change during the project, as it offers flexibility in accommodating changes. Fixed fee contracts provide clarity to the client regarding project costs upfront. The price is typically based on an estimation of the effort, resources, and time required to complete the project, along with any associated risks. Retainer agreements are most common because many of our clients benefit from ongoing support or access to expertise. Retainers can be structured in various ways, such as for a specific number of hours per month.

We challenge ourselves to be adaptable to almost any project and form of collaboration. Although each project is different, we still go through the same main stages: Our process begins with a thorough consultation to understand your company and your project’s scope, goals, and specific needs. This is followed by strategic planning, where we outline a tailored approach to meet your objectives. Implementation involves deploying our expertise in technology, design, and strategy to execute the plan. Throughout, we maintain close communication, offering updates and incorporating feedback.

To receive a proposal, please send us an email at hello@whoozy.agency. We respond within 24 hours to schedule an initial consultation. We’ll discuss your project in detail, including your goals, requirements, and any specific challenges. Based on this conversation, we’ll draft a customized proposal outlining the design approach, the project’s stages, deliverables, activities, touch-points, team, and other relevant details.

At Whoozy, we provide three flexible engagement models: time & materials, fixed fee, and retainer. After engaging in detailed discovery discussions and reviewing your project brief, our team will suggest the model that best fits your requirements. Subsequently, we’ll craft a personalized proposal detailing the project timeline and cost estimate.

Our goal is to offer optimal solutions tailored to the specific needs of our partners. Whether this involves a broad spectrum of services or a bespoke approach designed within budgetary limits, we are dedicated to fulfilling the unique demands of each partner.

Whoozy can help your business with voice and sound AI by designing and developing custom, multilingual AI voices leveraging industry-leading tech, leveraging speech data to enhance customer interactions and much more. Our solutions are designed to streamline and automate processes, improve user experience, and create deeper brand connections through innovative auditory experiences.

Yes, we specialize in designing and developing unique AI voices that align with your brand identity and values. We utilize a custom methodology to make knowledgeable and data-driven design decisions. Our process includes acoustic analysis, perceptual research, and the implementation of the best voice AI technologies to create distinctive, on-brand voices that engage your audience.

Absolutely. We can enhance, update, or redesign your existing design system by integrating voice and sound strategies, guidelines and components. Our team will work with you to extend your design system, incorporating auditory elements that align with your brand’s identity and improve user interactions across platforms.

Whoozy offers a range of solutions for improving voice user experiences, including VUI and VUX optimization, speech data analysis, conversational design, and perceptual research. We focus on making voice interactions more natural, intuitive, and engaging by decreasing the amount of errors caused by, e.g., dialogue overlap or misunderstanding. Think about implementing noise reduction algorithms, improving audio capture installations, and optimizing custom ASR models.

Yes, more and more companies worldwide are building in-house facilities optimized for recording and sound playback. We can design a studio that caters to your company’s needs, whether you require a professional recording space, a podcast studio, or a soundproof booth. Our audio engineers and acousticians consider your technical requirements, aesthetic preferences, and functional needs to create a creative environment that meets your expectations.

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