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Define, design and create your digital brand voice.
Exploit the power of voice and the act of speaking itself.

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Create a digital brand voice representing your brand on all digital and interactive platforms like Alexa, Customer Service, Voice apps, Multimodal interfaces, and more.

User Testing

We help gather valuable feedback and results to make knowledgeable and data-driven design decisions about your brand voice.


We help on a consultancy basis with user research, brand perception research to identify opportunities to design your brand voice or project.


One of our unique skills is acoustic data analysis. We conduct a quick scan with our research team to gather data on how customers experience your current voice branding assets.

Custom Voice (TTS)

We love helping companies with the design of their Custom Voice (text-to-speech). We are an asset to your project from identifying the right speaking style to represent your brand, persona design or collecting speech data to train machine learning models.


We often work as a consultant to share our experience and manage parts of the project. Whether our consultancy focuses on user research, leading design sprints, or managing the project. We work closely with your team towards the project's goals.

Speech Data

One of our special skills is providing speech datasets to train machine learning models. Training with diverse and good quality data is essential to create voice-enabled product and services.


VoiceBranding Workshop

Learn voice- and sonic branding design principles. We give workshops to branding, marketing, and UX teams. Please request a quote or sign-up for our newsletter to stay updated.

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