Speech Data

We specialize in providing Custom Speech Data sets to train machine learning model. Good quality data creates good voice-enabled products and services.

Diverse and good quality speech data is scarce

We know that voice-enabled projects come in all shapes and sizes. Some projects have specific acoustic requirements or voice talent criteria that require good planning, creativity, and an innovative mind. No matter the scope or scale, we are passionate about our expertise in providing custom speech dataset solutions for every project.



We work with a global voice talent database to provide many languages. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you make your voice product sound fluent and natural. It's all in the data!


Gender & Age

Through our global database, we have access to diverse voice talent. We understand the importance of training with diverse and good quality data.


Use Case

Does your use case experience contain specific vocabulary? We provide custom scripted and scenario-based datasets to ensure your TTS model can pronounce everything correctly.


Accent & Dialect

Data from a specific accent or dialect is hard to find. We start our search by finding potential native accent or dialect speaking candidates. And provide quality evaluation before production.



We provide Custom Speech Dataset that solely focuseses on one or more speaking styles or emotions. Need help to define your speaking style or the emotional intent of your speech data set? Reach out to us and learn more on how we come up with a strategic design and production plan.


Voice Acoutsics

Do you need a speech dataset with specific voice acoustics? We got you covered! We provide custom datasets with acoustic-specific requirements related to frequency, pace, speed, intensity, vocal fry, and much more.

Want to Contribute to a Speech Data set?‚Äč

We are always looking for copywriters who want to contribute their skills, voice talents who want to record or join our global database. Did you have something else in mind to contribute or collaborate with? Contact us, and we would love to hear your ideas.

Let's talk.

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